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Frequently Asked Questions

Whitening your teeth at home is easier than you think. Our goal is to give our customers detailed information so that you can be at ease while using our Luxury Teeth Whitening System. Here's a list of frequently asked questions about our Express White Luxury Teeth Whitening System.

How Does It Work?

Express White Maximum Teeth Whitening Serum is specially developed to safely lift stains from the surface of your teeth while preserving your tooth enamel. Though the gel will whiten your teeth on its own, using the included LED teeth whitening light accelerates results. You should see results after the first session.

How Do I Use My Express White Luxury Teeth Whitening System?

Once you receive your Express White Teeth Whitening System  there will be simple,step-by-step instructions inside your box. Our system was purposely crafted with your convenience in mind!

Is Express White Safe?

Our teeth whitening serums are FDA approved and manufactured in NSF ISO Certified facilities. Our special formula only contains ingredients that are proven safe for your enamel. We do not include any harsh ingredients or fluoride in our teeth whitening serums.

How Quickly Will You See Results?

Most people achieve maximum whitening results in 7 sessions. BUT- it’s possible that you may need less. The good news is that our  Express White kit includes enough gel for 21 sessions.

Does Express White Cause Sensitivity?

Express White teeth whitening serum, when used as instructed, should not cause any sensitivity. If you do experience some sensitivity while using peroxide whitening gel, simply apply a thin layer of the blue Remineralization Serum to your teeth and allow it to dry, do NOT rinse allow it to soak into your enamel.

How Often Can Teeth Whitening Refills Be Purchased?

We recommend touching up by whitening your teeth every 3-6 months depending on your lifestyle. Coffee, tea, red wine, artificial coloring, and smoking cigarettes can shorten your teeth whitening results. By using your whitening system regularly, you can maintain your white smile while preventing future stains.

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