“Express White Mobile did an amazing job. My technician was very professional, caring and explained everything clearly before, during and after my 1hr whitening treatment. This whitening really works! I’ve used white strips for a number of times and always experienced favorable results. Also, I was worried about this treatment as I dealt with major sensitivity from other white strips, but my laser whitening treatment was so awesome and painless. This is next-level whiteness. The inconvenience of having a mouthpiece in your mouth for 1 hour is far outweighed by the efficacy of the whitening. My teeth are noticeable whiter too. Express White is “Impressive” and “Highly” recommended.”

Kenny Bland

“During a recent dental visit I asked about veneers in order to get the white Hollywood smile. I received a quote for over $10,000 to get veneers on my front teeth, I then learned that my insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures. I heard about Express Whitening via social media and decided to try it out. I was skeptical, but it was way cheaper than the dentist. I’ve been using my kit for 2 week and I can see a huge difference!”

Jodi Morgan

” My teeth are very sensitive so whitening has not been an option. After researching the home kits from Express White I learned that it was a safe product that would not cause my teeth to be sensitive. After taking a leap of faith, I ordered a kit and I could not be happier with my results! My teeth are are already 3 shades brighter after 2 sessions and I have absolutely no sensitivity! I recommend Express White to anyone with sensitive teeth.”

Kenny Hayes

“Thanks for my kit, I truly appreciate you Express White!! I had an amazing experience with the kit & was very satisfied with my results. I will be purchasing more products from Express White & I most definitely recommend everybody to at least try it!!!”

Jeff Clayton

“I have used several over the counter whitening products, but the results I’ve gotten from my Express Whitening kit has been by far been the best!”

Donika Allender

“Thank You Express White !!!!! I’m beyond excited about receiving my teeth whitening kit!I know my teeth are going to look good once my treatment is done. I use to be insecure about my teeth but now I cant wait to smile more ,Thank you so much !!”

Jenniffer Hewitt

“I normally get my teeth whitened by my own dentist office but couldn’t get in as quick so a friend told me about Express White and i am very pleased with the results i received from my home kit. I have recommended this kit to my closest friends and look forward to continuing using Express White to keep my teeth white .”

Mikeia Lewis