Express Teeth Whitening

Desensitizing Tooth Gel


Boost your tooth enamel while reducing teeth sensitivity with Express Boost! Our unique Enamel boosting product will seal your tooth enamel, locking out future stains, and prolonging your Express White smile.  Express White Boost will also strengthen your teeth by adding minerals to your enamel that have been stripped away due to acidic food, age, and other enamel harming habits we might have.  Here at Express White, we know how much effort our clients put in to having a flawless smile so we decided to offer a product that not only reduces tooth sensitivity, it also re-mineralizes your tooth enamel. Boost! is a great product for anyone who is afraid to get their teeth whitened over the fear of sensitivity. Using Boost! after your scheduled whitening will significantly reduce any sensitivity. Express White Boost is the perfect enamel boosting, tooth desensitizing combination!

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