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Teeth Whitening Pearl Powder

$26.99 $35

Teeth Whitening Powder made with Activated Pearl Essence used to remove daily stains from your enamel !!!

  • CONTAINING ACTIVATED DEEP SEA PEARL ESSENCE: Containing 1000 mesh size delicate pearl powder and Whitening Factors, this Teeth Whitening Powder can completely clean scale and stains by reaching those blind angles, brightening and whitening yellow teeth in a effective way, and removing teeth stains caused by smoking, drinking tea or coffee.
  • -CONTAINING MILD INGREDIENT BAKING SODA: Containing cleansing ingredients such as Baking Soda, also called Sodium Bicarbonat, with rich foam, which can effectively dissolve the stains in the mouth. It is a natural teeth cleaner that can clean teeth without hurting the gums so as to giving you a more beautiful and whitener teeth.
  • -RICH IN FOAM TO REPLACE THE TOOTHPASTE FOR DAILY USED: With a variety of natural ingredients, it’s formula is mild and without any harmful chemicals, easy to use and gentler on your teeth and gums. And because of its richness of foam, can directly take place of the toothpaste. If used properly can last you a few months!
  • -KEEP THE MOUTH FRESH AND EASY TO CLEAN: Containing oral fresheners such as Menthol, Xylitol and the Mint flavor , which can help you remove odors caused by food debris and clear bad breath problems. Giving you beautiful teeth. Use other cleaning ingredients to replace the Bamboo charcoal, so this Teeth Whitening is more easier to clean than other which is containing activated carbon and without residual activated carbon.


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